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Joan Hodges - West Sussex

" I recently had the misfortune to be diagnosed with Cellulitis. This is a bacterial infection of the skin and the tissues beneath it, and it manifested itself on the lower part of my leg spreading to the ankle. The affected area was hot, very tender and red, and I felt generally unwell. The treatment is a course of Antibiotics, but it took two to three weeks for the "Acute" stage to subside.

As my leg was so tender and hot it was most uncomfortable to get it wet when I showered, so I was so pleased and relieved when I found waterproof ArmRx Leg Gloves. This is a full length plastic stocking which fits up to the thigh. It is secured in place with a strap, then the top folded over and another strap put in place. This gave full protection to my leg which remained dry, whilst I was able to shower the rest of my body as usual. This was absolutely marvellous, especially as it took some time for the condition to subside. (It is particularly important for me to have a hot shower in the morning, as I also suffer from Lumbar Spondylitis and the hot water helps to get the muscles relaxed.)

I also found that it worked well in the Hydro-Therapy Pool where I go every week. The Leg Glove keeps the water away from my skin and acts as an added protection from possible infection. Cellulitis once contracted, although not always Acute, seems to be a Chronic condition, but with the use of the Leg Glove I can still go to the Hydro Therapy Pool to exercise on a regular basis.

The product really does do what it claims. It gives protection whilst showering or bathing, and would also help other conditions, eg, if wearing a plaster cast, bandage, etc. or for any reason where you want to protect the arm or leg from getting wet. They fit either men or women. An added bonus is that I can use it myself and remain independent.

Having discovered the product I am really keen to "Spread the Word"! I haven't had occasion to use the Arm Glove, but I keep a packet of them as well as the Leg Gloves as an insurance against possible need!"


- Joan Hodges from Worthing in West Sussex