Water Protection

Keeping your Wounds and Casts Dry

ArmRx® is Fast and Simple to Apply...

And can be done with one hand so no assistance is required!

The ArmRx® gloves and the leggings are simple and easy to fit - it takes only 30 seconds to secure them in place without any assistance or at most with only minimal help. They are soft, comfortable and non-restrictive, allowing the users to retain their normal limb mobility and function at all times.

Additional Installation Instructions & Tips:

1. Open the glove before putting on patient: insert your hand in body of glove to fluff open, gather small amount of air in glove, choke sleeve at end of glove and gently slide towards end to move air all the way into end of glove.


Putting the Armband On

Fitting the Arm Glove to your Arm

2. Full Length Gloves can be used for complete limb or partial limb protection: do not cut off the excess, it folds over and is secured by second strap.

3. Strap placement and snugness:

a) straps must be placed at top or bottom of muscle mass i.e. top or bottom of bicep or thigh muscle.

b) ArmRx® straps should be wrapped snug - since it is not elastic it will not continue constricting or becoming tighter.

4. Small size band instructions: For small size limb application, wrap the extra ArmRx® strap length parallel (side by side) to the first strap exposing an entire bracelet of velcro to adhere to - can fit as low as 8” circumference.

5. Removal Of Glove: Dry the glove off after use. When removing the top strap (the one under the folded over excess glove) reach underneath the plastic and remove the Velcro strap first, then slide the glove off the limb. This will prevent excess water from dripping back onto the protected area.


Putting the Leg Glove to your Leg

Securing the Leg Glove on your Leg