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Chad West - Washington

"I landed incorrectly during a jump at my last race which resulted in a shattered wrist injury to my left arm. The severity of the break was such that a pin apparatus with a large metal stabilizer bar was bolted in to hold the wrist in place during the healing period of 6 weeks."

"An ArmRx Arm Glove was recommended by my Walgreen's Pharmacist. Due to the normal size limitations of the arm glove, it would not fit over the monstrous bandage on my arm.

So my Pharmacist recommended the ArmRx Leg Glove to protect my injury from water penetration. It easily fit over my large size cast and using the small size band application, I was able to properly fit it to my arm.

Even with the excess plastic gathered under the bands, the ArmRx glove has never leaked - and I am still using the first one from my four pack. I have the cast off now but will continue with the pin brace and wrap for four more weeks.

I wanted to say thanks to you folks at ArmRx for making my bad situation better - also, I have recommended ArmRx to my Doctor who originally told me to either tape a garbage bag over it or hold it out of the water during a shower!"

- Chad West of Washougal Washington